Today was the day that we were very naughty boys 😦 The IKEA men came to give us some big boxes which we cld run across.. but Josh wldnt let mummy out of his sight and held onto her leg and cried most of the morning, he was better after breakfast. Jamie was quite good today, relatively speaking. After our lunch, mummy took us upstairs to our room for quiet time. We started off ok, wanted to lie down after a book or two. Then mummy also lay down to rest and then we started misbehaving! and then josh decided to kick mummy in her back and she cried out in pain 😦 She got very angry and josh got such a scolding, he also stomped on mummy’s side and belly.. so he got a BIG smack and then put in a corner as he bawled. Jamie scolded him and said “Say sorry to mummy!” Mummy was crying, all also crying.. It wasnt a nice afternoon.. Later on, we all quietened down and got sayang.. josh didnt want to say sorry u see..and then he kicked mummy again! Like school mummy! Another smack! and we eventually went back downstairs and mummy had to walk away for a while, she was walking very funny though, could hear her breathing slowly and then breathing out.. we thought we;d better b quiet for a while..

she came back and put on hi5 for us and josh gave her a kiss, sayang and said sorry mummy… She explained to us that mummy doesnt like shouting or scolding or smacking us, so we should be good boys.. we sat together all snuggled up and watched Hi5 while the big storm went on outside… Mummy was very quiet and didnt even sing along…. we think we really hurt her today 😦 😦 Anyway she made us some spaghetti and very tasty sauce and we ate it all up and drank the milk… we tidied up like good boys, had our shower and brushed teeth with no fuss..

Asleep like angels now.. Mummy is rather tired out, she didnt sleep well and she says baby kieran is moving a lot and he may come soon.. we hope so, we’ve been waiting for a while!!!!! but we told her we love you mummy before we went to sleep and gave her lots of kisses and sayang.. She likes that, we will try to be better boys tomorrow mummy!!!!

Good night!

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