The boys were in a strangely good mood after school (hmm what do they feed them LOL) and we had some fruit and cold milk and then off to hv a shower and attempt quiet time. Of course being in the strangely good mood, there were some riotously loud and cheery moments and some scoldings before they settled down. They did hv a nap, which isnt my usual practice but wt them being under the weather previously and so much excitement, I figured it was ok. Of course WAKING em up was delightful…. NOT lol josh had his usual hysterics for some time (esp when I tried to move away or put him aside).. until we had settled downstairs with the infamous car VCD. he eventually calmed down and then was dang cheery LOL They both ate pretty well and then daddy came home and ohhh boy was that excitement, the shouting from the sliding door “Daddy! Hello Daddy!!! Daddy!!” so cute..

took us a while to get em to settle down to sleep but eventually it worked. Almost missed American Idol, not sure what the theme was. Just feeling blur and lazy now…

I think its early to bed, Im gng to ignore the kids blog for today..

later days


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