We’ve had so many visitors, its been very exciting! and we’ve also b/c mre difficult and demanding for poor mummy whose belly has gotten so big, gets in the way when we want to sayang her! but she always says sayang away! I think mummy likes getting her hugs, kisses, sayangs, du-duks 😀 Saw ah Ma, ah Kow and Uncle Kevin on Saturday, saw chewie too! He was getting a bath! So funny to see the dog all wet. hehe.

Mummy says she has been too tired to write our blog for us, prob cos we wake up so early and she takes a long time to get out of bed now, but it has been fun having daddy around cos we get to draw, play with “lasticine” (Mum: Plastercine?). Mummy doesnt know when baby kieran coming, although jamie insists he’s coming soon! Jamie talks in complete sentences more and we have good discussions (Mummy calls them arguments) about whose turn is it to have the Big Red Ford or to watch the car VCD for the 52nd time that day.. We get to ride bikes or play ball in the evening while mummy sits there in the rocking chair, reading or trying to read as we tend to get into trouble… we wave at everyone that passes by too but not everyone waves back…

Baby kieran is apparently kicking and kicking mummy a lot from inside the belly, we dont know why she doesnt just scold him or smack him cos if we do that, we get a good scolding! Got to go to see Uncle doctor on Sat morning cos have to check on how baby kieran is. We had a lot of fun running up and down and looking at the BMW magazine that is always there. Then we got cake given to us by the aunties in blue and white (Mum: nurses) and we got to listen to baby kieran’s heart beat (was very loud!, mummy was lying on this high sofa thing with two belts arnd her and it was going “BOOM BOOM BOOM”). We talked to so many aunties and uncles sitting there waiting for something. The Uncle Doctor was very nice and we got to see baby kieran on the funny lil tv screen.. No one said “elmo” this time. Josh was trying to help the Uncle doctor move the lil ball around but daddy took him away. Jamie told the Uncle doctor that that was baby kieran which the uncle doctor found very funny for some reason. but Uncle doctor said that it might be a week at least till baby Kieran comes.. How long is a week do you think? Mummy says it’s 7 night-night times. Thats a lot!

Mummy says we are learning to be very lawyer like cos we present such good arguments for not doing something.. otherwise we are just plain toddlers who change their mind every 2 secs and get grumpy. But the lady today at the place we h ad some “ghetti” (Mum: spaghetti) told us we were very handsome and very polite (we thanked her for everything and said please). Mummy and Daddy looked like they wanted to laugh for some reason but we think they liked it. haha.

We went to bed very very fast today, Josh couldnt stop crying, Mummy said he was having a meltdown cos he was over tired. Jamie decided to be a good boy and did what daddy told him, mummy had to bathe josh cos he wouldnt go to daddy and she had to lie down next to him with baby kieran in the middle. He slept very fast! Jamie got to read wt daddy today and then also went to sleep fast (after the regular singsong!).

Tomorrow is a school day, yay! We like school and mummy likes the peace and quiet she says. we cant think what she means..

C u later!
the Cuddly Twins.

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