Terribly loud fireworks last night! What is with this country and loud fireworks I tell you?? Woke up jamie of course, poor dear, got very frightened (it was the loud boomer types that sound like explosions and tanah runtuh!). We managed to settle em both, jamie clung to me a lot 😦 poor thing. but we eventually got him back to sleep. I also tertidur haha. takes me about five hours to get out of bed nowadays.

Just a nicer day today, cheerful kids, a leisurely breakfast with cronies (and two new ppl) and then CY and Sree hopped over. Lunch together, long chitchat, kids had fun 🙂 Got to put up the big mirror and my whiteboard and some pix. Cleared some more things from the study, hvnt set up the PC yet, need to figure out how to do the network printing now that the wireless router is upstairs.. hmmmm.. Chatted online briefly wt parents, its been raining a lot today! Josh even made a joke! The ong sense of humour appearing I think ROFL They call sree Uncle Tuhree or Free (like the number) and josh said “where’s uncle free”? and then he grinned and said “where’s uncle four?” That was sooooo farneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. I just had to record it in their blog too!

Anyway, they r fast asleep, poor tired dearies. Back to school tomorrow (yay!) and then Rina and Co will be in town again later this week, not sure when this monkey will pop, mebbe I shld do more housework and sorting! Mebbe even put up pix myself!!!!!!! (wld save don the headache I imagine)…

today is bahrain race w.end, hvnt paid too much attention to it, which is odd but we’ve been so preoccupied with house, kids etc, havent had a chance. Been a better start to the season so far tho, nice to hv a mixed bag!

Okies..Thats all I can think of.. We are looking more and more homey now, pictures etc do make a diffr, but hvnt got time to do what we need to, and we do need to get some more for the living room/main dining room wall.. oh well, sooner or later. Need to get don to try out the travel cot leh, in case… Still nothing more than tougher BHs (Braxton Hicks) and tightening still, course the movements is like nuts! URgh… so uncomfy…. Oh well.. hv to wait!

Y’all hv a good week ahead!
later days


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