Today was a fun day. We went to meet Uncle Yeng and Uncle Free/Fuhree/Tuhree (Mum: Uncle Sree) for breakfast where we had roti cenee (Mum: Roti Canai) and Milo. Also met two new uncles, one had a big beard! Jamie wanted to try curry but didnt like it haha. After breakfast, we went home and uncle Yeng came over with Uncle Free/Fuhree/Tuhree. We played a while outside and then went back inside when it got very hot, Watched the Car VCD wt the uncles while mummy and daddy were doing things, there was this BIG mirror thing that is near the big table where we eat, Daddy put it there with the help of the Uncles, it looks nice. We can make faces at ourselves in it!

Daddy also made lots of noise with that pointy object that goes “whirr whirr” , it’s all his “tools” it makes holes in the wall! Another one makes “screws” go around and around!!! Daddy wont let us play with it tho. Thats a real shame, we’d like to do it!!! 🙂

We had messy noodles for lunch and some chocolate cake! Joshua can use chopsticks ok and mummy says she mite get us a small pair each if we are very good and dont make too muhc of a mess but only for noodles she says. The Uncles and Mummy and Daddy talked for a long time (after we had cleaned up, we are good at washing hands now!) so we played a while and then the Uncles watched some loud moving things on Daddys laptop and then Uncle Yeng came out to play with us, he’s got this really fun phone! Jamie loves to play with it!

We got to ride bikes after the big rain, so much rain and thunder! Then lilke good boys we tidied up! (after a lot of times of being asked tho). We had laughing cow on crispy putta bread (Mummy: Pitta bread). Had to tidy up more toys (why is there so much to tidy!?) and then daddy and mummy showered and put us to bed. Mummy let us choose a story book each and daddy said night-night and we slept quickly.

We like having visitors all the time but mummy says we are back to school tomorrow! We like school, the teachers are nice and we get to sing songs, draw and eat! We got to sing lots of songs to Ah Ma today on the phone and we talked to her a bit, Jamie said ABC song over and over, I think ah Ma liked it!

We’ve gone to sleep now like good boys 🙂 C u later!

p/s here’s a funny joke that Josh made. He said “Where is Uncle Free/Fuhree/Tuhree? ” and then with a cheeky grin said “And where is Uncle Four?” That made the Uncles and Daddy and mummy really laugh!

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