Good morning! Jamie as always managed to wake up the whole household at 615am this morning! I like it he says. Josh was a asleep but was woken up. Daddy was there this morning and yay, he managed to fix the car VCD! So breakfast was really nice with laughing cow and soldiers and Chimeras and BMW roadster.

We watched some cartoons with daddy this morning, Mummy had a bit of a rest. But we always help mummy out of bed now, Josh on one side and jamie on other holding her hand. Baby Kieran must be very big in mummy’s tummy now, she takes a long time to go places etc, except when we are naughty, she’s very fast then! Josh tried to lift her by the leg to help her up but that just made her laugh! Jamie told daddy alll about playing with baby Jazzmine yday and daddy told him he was very proud of how gentle he was with baby.

Today Mummy says we are gng to Uncle Doctor’s to see how Baby Kieran is. We like that place, it always has these ladies who like to give us things to eat or you can watch cars from WAY up high! They hv a big round thing in the middle that they go around and around in. Uncle Yeng wasnt around this morning (Mum: Chee Yeng), he had such a cool phone that took pictures and had a dancing chicken on it! We really really liked that and wanted to see it lots!

We are getting good at washing our hands and drying them, there are such interesting things to look at on the way though, there’s this big blue thing in the middle of the kitchen that always has very fun things on top or things to eat…. wow…… but Mummy doesnt like it when we touch things w/o asking but we cant help it!

Ok, we have to get ready now to go to Uncle Doctor’s after we’ve had our stars (Mum: vitamins) and changed nappies etc. Mummy always says daddy takes a long time to get ready..

C u later!
J n J

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