Ok.. sudah mandi… even folded the laundry and put it away.. stared at my hospital bag for a bit… pondered asking don to get travel cot together HAHA… but hes not even home yet.. Im just rambling here for the time being… Knowing my luck, prob a false alarm and my baby’s idea of an april fool’s joke.. Is he still an Aries?

Soooooo..now what… LOL Will ramble on for now..

One of my pet peeves is when people pressure others to give up breastfeeding, nemind that they really want to and its only been like a day or two. The “no milk” mantra. Nemind that colostrum is sufficient for baby’s needs in the early days till your milk does come in. It takes a period of adjustment for mummy and baby to “connect” mouth to boob as it were. My mate is now suffering (nemind supposed to be resting after a tough operation somemore) from one such person’s pressure. She even tried to give the newborn water from unsterlised spoon (GASP!). If baby is thirsty, give more boob milk. That’s it, no need extra water. Geez. Nature made em to provide nutrients and nourishment for baby’s needs, it will accomodate where poss. The more u feed, the more u produce mahh..

I know Im an advocate for breastfeeding and will support others in their quest to breastfeed their kiddies etc, whether working mum or homemaker. I also respect that for some folks, its just not what they want (its the ppl who dont even TRY that annoy me sometimes, esp after gng thru what I did myself in the beginning, but I guess not everyone as stubborn and contrary as me hahahahaa). Its those who determined to sabotage the process who I wanna SMACK. Like the confinement lady who snuck formula to Raev, despite the instruction to the contrary from Jenn. Like the nurse who told me to hurry up when it was just 20 mins since I was trying to feed. Like the nurse (same nurse u know lol) who didnt believe my milk had come in till I was so engorged till tak boleh feed. hurmph.. Or like someone’s MIL (not mine) who has not stopped going on at my mate since they got home to quit this breastfeeding lark and instructed her hubby to go and buy formula, cos sure no milk and u r starving baby etc. my mate has reached the point where she took the baby into her room and has locked the door, after some tears and arguments wt her hubby beforehand. Aiyooo… respectlah people’s wishes. If they choose to bf, let em.. If dont want, also can lor… Their kid, their choice. Aint gng to hurt anyone..

It was a great help for me that my own hubby was such a great support and mum had breastfed her own kids, with my sis and SIL doing the same. MIL was ambivalent either way I think, but seeing her grandkids healthy, prosperous and all that did help I think. I can tell you, Ive been very grateful for the support group I now have, with mummies from all around who understand what Ive been thru and they r dear friends now. either thru mymomsbest.com, or msianursingmums (thats a yahoo group) and now thru my own online groups sahp_malaysia and malaysianbfsupport and the regular meetings, its been great 🙂 I hope I dont face any or minimal adjustment bf again and hopefully can bf as long as poss (or as long as baby kieran and I can tahan each other hahaa).

Don just got home from work/lawyers etc. Im listening to some Hindi music (dont ask) now and hv my feet up on my foot stool under my desk, just trying to chill out. Had one more long tightening (20 counts) just under an hour ago. It cld be anytime…. it cld be tomorrow.. it cld be HOURS away.. I guess this is the most frustrating time of the pregnancy (save the throwing up all the time moments hahahaha).

Don likes the new look of the blog so I think we will keep to this one. Ive changed it like 5 or 6 times now and this is the most “soothing” as it were.. My niece’s bday is tomorrow.. hahahhaa.. Dons eating his dins now and then we are gng to hv a chitchat abt the boys antics for today and work on my sis’s site I think.

Ok, this is the last entry for now *unless something else occurs to me or other things happen*.. Wish I knew WHEN for goodness sake.. or that Im gng into labour for sure.. Then I can kau tim what needs to be done etc. 🙂 the Ms. Organising mode again I guess.. sigh… oh well, at least its a wkend HAHAHAHHAHAA… Cheng Beng is this w.end, dont get to go, even to a temple I dont think I can make it.. oh well.. Soon I must go..

Will keep u posted! Have a fab w.end if I dont get to blog again.

later days y’all


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