Picked up boys from school. Expecting Jane to visit this pm. Where does the week go I tell you?! cant believe its Fri already! but good also, Don will be arnd to help etc this w.end. MIL to learn the way to our house etc too, boys hvnt seen her in a while. Dont think we’d be gng anywhere far for a while. School and back HAHA they r doing well in school thankfully.

how do you like the new look ah? I must get a comments section up, gotta seek Jenn’s advice there haha not that I get many visitors, if any ROFL

Her mashed potatoes recipe (see Jenn’s blog, links at side) sounds really, really delish! If only Don and the boys are keen on mashed potatoes. Nemind, I go jenns house HAHAAAA..

Still not sure reg: the look of this blog.. Im tempted to work on our site sometime this w.end, its more than like 3 years out of date, ACK… thats BAAAAAAAAAADDDD.. LOL Got other things to finish up first (ignoring the imminent arrival of baby kieran lol).

Hmmm… what to cook for dinner tonight… Domesticity is a funny old thing.. LOL

later days y’all!


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