Josh did a poo this morning in the big loo (Claps and cheers and kisses and hugs and “good boys” abound hehe). He didnt tell me he needed to go, I just put him on abt 20mins after breakfast, told him he can do a wee/poo if he was ready. Abt 5mins later, he called out
to me, I went back (I was trying to stop his brother from drowning the dog with the hose lol) and he said “poo”, I took him off, and saw he had done. Cheered, kissed him and said good boy!!! so he looked well pleased! Cleaned him up, put back his undies, washed hands and then he kept telling me, “joshua poo” hehehehee (or tosha as he says) hehe so kept positive remarks. Put jamie on next, but he was in one of his “Im gng to be a contrary toddler” moods so I didnt leave him on for long.

And then for the rest of the day, he didnt wanna go ROFL.. we had some wee incidents, then just left it for now. Today Jamie wants to sit on the loo, and josh doesnt.. aiyooooooooo twins I tell you!!!! 🙂 We just hv to keep on trying. but I think they r getting their heads arnd the idea, timing isnt so bad, quite close to when they DO go but we can work on that, we got time!!1 🙂 IF only pullups arent so expensive hahaa…

Well, that one night was a FLUKE! They are up and at it again. Mind you, they were very good for the babysitter (we had a lovely evening anyway so that was nice) and as soon as don left to take her home, Jamie has one of his night terrors *sigh* then he wakes up Josh (who was sopping wet anyway). *sigh* am hoping to sort out the bed situation soon, if someone wld buy that cot bed, that be great. we can fold up the other cot, put them together and train them on there.. will give ME peace! Fed up…

Well Im hormonal anyways. 🙂 time of the month you know. Also went to check out another IBU playgroup, I think not my cup of tea, the format ok.. one or two of the playgroup ppl are friendly but otherwise…. oh well.. 🙂 We must keep on looking! Waiting listslah, urgh…

ok, back to script writing!

later days y’all!


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