gosh, me is sooooo worn out! Last night we had bad storms and the boys woke up so we had a nightmare trying to get them bak to sleep, even if on our bed cos Master Josh kept trying to bodyslam us to death, lovingly of course but nevertheless PAINFUL! they woke up really early too and then bounded arnd with much energy, while the parents crawled arnd, blurry eyed. The boys had a playdate today at Claris’s so we packed up and headed out after a lite breakfast, it was a bit drizzly so we had some play time and lunch to see if the weather wld warm up some. After a short rest, the kiddies and the mums headed down to the pool. Dressed them in their swim nappies, got the body swimsuit onto Josh (courtesy of ah Ee hehe) and put the water wings on Jamie who complained a bit (cos a bit tight hor) but then we went down to the baby pool and the boys LOOOOOOOOOOOVEd it!

no tears at all, even if it was a bit chilly, they splashed a bit by the side and then Claris put the baby in the floating chair thingy and then took jamie in and Josh held on to me. They were so delightful, splashing, giggling, laughing! Jamie even wanted to walk on his own in the water! they love kicking abt, splashing arnd.. they even tried ducking their faces in the water repeatedly to get to blow bubbles.. they come up spluttering but hey, they thought it was such a blast! they loved beingon their front and kicking away! Oh it was so nice to hv to screeching kiddies at first but they complained when they had to get out! we even put into the big pool for a splash/swim arnd… Had shower etc there and then we rested and headed back. They werent sure what to make of Alyssa (Cos she’s 10mths, crawls arnd and squeals), they know she’s a baby but when she crawls towards them, they back away hurriedly.. but for the most part, they just played wt her toys hehe She kept staring at them with complete fascination like oooh who are those lil ppl?! Josh didnt like it if I carried her or she was on my lap or next to me even… he’d always come up and sit next to me or on my lap and GLARE….it was kinda cute hehehe Oh! I must take them swimming more regularly, gotta get the arm bands and one more bodysuit (so water nt so cold)…Oh! such fun!

ok Im dead tired, my inlaws coming by to borrow the drill and for them to lend us the grass cutter. Gotta sort out the garden ASAP……

later days yall!


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