continuation of yesterday’s bedtime battle:
Josh woke up middle of the night (hes got like 4 teeth bursting thru so in a way he’s got an excuse lol)…then jamie stirred but we managed to settle him after a short while but his brother kept trying to body slam him…so that’s so not fun.. so Im blurry eyed again this morning.. *sigh*

and I got woken up esp early this morning by a leaping child, so I got continually beat up lol… I dunno how ppl can co-sleep.. I’d never get any rest! lol cleaners are here today so another disruption.

They hv one nap a day now, usu. mid morning (if they dont want an early lunch and let them sleep), if they hv lunch and sleep, then by 3pm they r up (LATEST).. so usu. abt 1.5-2hours MAX (and that’s if Im lucky). BUT saying that, I think it’s the TV, I let them watch sesame street etc after Hi5.. so am gng to switch off the TV after Hi5 is on.

oh well, they r really fussing now so I’d best go… more on this later.. will try reducing the TV now (Since our VCD player downstairs is screwed).

later days y’all!


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