The story of the evening…….

I stayed in that room, battling wt that screaming child for almost an hour and a half…Perfect lovely mood and everything… until bed time, he was fine, even when I switched off main light, he does like the glowing red light that Gramma/Grandpa gave him. screaming, throwing toys out, begging..up and down the bed, he managed to climb off the bed.. then he wanted to get back on.. so on he went.. then scream, scream, fuss, fuss.. I stand there like statue, kiss his head and then sat down.. he lies down for short while, then up again.. plenty of time wasting techniques that one… (hmmmm… my son for sure HAHAHAA)… so that went on and on….. and eventually he went to sleep… gng to try this style first until we battle that tantrum at bedtime phase…. Urgh… see how we go..

soo tiring 😦 (at least not both of them lol)

later days y’all


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