Gosh, what nights of chaos! Getting the kids to bed now is quite a nightmare… Mostly Jamie I might add… the terrible twos? I guess he’s really asserting his personality now. Very vocal he is LOL He talks almost nonstop and his words are getting clearer. Josh is more open now, albeit still weary of strangers/new places. He comes up to you and says a few things, gripping a toy car of course. Never ending chatter!

I love to watch them interact, they talk to each other so much more now, and they SEEM to understand each other.. and they even have a giggle or two! But bila bergaduh, aiyoooooooooooo…

Jamie turns on the tap, Joshua washes the toothbrushes… Jamie cant lift something but he “talks” to his brother and Josh does it for him… If I give jamie a biscuit, he demands one for Josh (admittedly the smaller piece haha).. Josh will give his brother a car or a pat on the back if he’s upset… I hope this harmony does last lol

Yday at playgroup, soo well behaved! (hmmm why doesnt this last at home too?!), they gave a toy to any of the babies there, esp. if the baby cant quite reach the toy they obviously want… they stepped carefully arnd the baby… they even tried tidying up! (they SO do not do this at home lol)… so cutelah… Jamie kept talking to this one baby (mebbe abt 10mths old?) and then looks at me like mummy why this baby not answering me! LOL Their interaction with others is less at the moment but they are fascinated by other kids from what I can see and plod along quite happily.

Last night was crazy, tried to let him scream it out and see.. that worked for abt half an hour, he started getting hysterical.. went in, josh already tidur! took Jamie out and then he chattered away amongst his sobbing.. and then later on, Josh woke up (don reckons its cos of the silence! lol).. so we had two lil monkeys on our hands, took us ages to get em back to sleep.. but they showered us wt kisses and cuddles (slobberly as they are lol) and so talkative… But at our wits end.. again today, screaming! but let him scream that out for now…

Been getting very small but regular lil writing jobs, hoping some regularly paid ones come along soon. Also been figuring out ways to tempt those kids to eat and also keep em occupied! Urghhhhhh…..

later days y’all!


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