Well… It’s been so long, a month mebbe? It’s just been a majorly busy time for us all, with dons work being crazy, boys being sick, visitors, birthdays, social occasions, chores, work… then me being sick with a cold… oh! one thing after another I can tell you!

So how have the boys been? They grow ever more active (if that’s even possible) and talking so much clearer now. Have started (VERY small steps) potty training, they just REFUSED the potty chair and wanted a kids seat on the big loo (hehehee, see pix on the photo site). They are beginning to recognise “wee” and “poo” but not always before the fact. We had a spate of bad nights with Jamie 😦 nightmares, even night fears (where they thrash around and scream even though they fast asleep). It was very draining on us all, poor boy gets dark circles like his momma.. then we switched to his cot bed to the toddler bed and some re-arranging and that worked much better, although he wants to have his mummy to nuzzle him to sleep but he’s getting better… we are now able to be in the room till he sleeps rather than he wants out! Josh is teething again, finally got teeth coming out from his lower gum but from back frontwards LOL They r trying to run and getting into everything.. We go to a twins playgroup twice a month and go to kidsports once or twice a week, although we hvnt done much of late. Jamie will take his shoes out of the cupboard (I need to find a stronger lock) and point to the key cupboard and then the car and say “out”. Such a socialite that one! Josh will stand next to his brother and nod.

The interaction btwn the two is so much greater now (and the fights, aiyooooo). They r very loving towards each other (which I love seeing) and they do generally get along. Jamie even reminds me abt his brother hahaa… they recognise and can say their names and the other’s name.. “Amie” is what Jamie calls himself.. and “ko-ko” too. Joshua he can say clearly. Joshua knows how to say Joshua but he calls jamie “Mie-Mie” or “Ko-ko” They talk so clearly now, Jamie esp. and it’s fun having a convo wt them hehehehe.. although sometimes I hv NOOOOO idea what they r saying.. And they talk to each other too, like a real convo and it seems like they really do understand each other. So cute! But boy can they fight too.. they’ve learnt to sort it out sometimes and they do try and share sometimes.. it’s a beginning.

gosh, dunno what else to say… 😀 That will be it for now.. will be more regular now I hope LOL

later days y;all! Hv a great w.end!


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