Me is very bad…. blogging out for like WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well… lemme see, will only summarise this time arnd….

The boys look increasingly like little boys and less like babies, my boys are developing so fast. They are both chattering away and you can understand even more words. I try and read to them more often and they do like browsing books etc. Josh’s four molars are out now (he seems to be teething backwards to frontwards lol). Jamie’s hair is finally flattening down (albeit a bit Ah Beng ish lol), but he talks pretty non-stop. They do play together a lot more, mostly consistenting of hide and seek, occasional puzzle together (the beads on a wire ones) and are soooo active now. We had quite a chaotic time wt them at night the last few weeks (hence my disappearence from the blogging scene). Jamie’s tantrums, clingyness, nightmares, refusing to be put to bed at night has been wearing us down, Josh gets more frustrated (mostly cos he cant communicate as well YET) and gets less shy now when it comes to sharing a book together, hope the biting will disappear too. They both climb up and down (Josh still being the more confident physically at the moment) with ease and still love their snuggles, cuddles and kisses (which is nice hehe). Eating wise we’ve hit a stubborn fussy period so hv to keep trying to tempt them wt new dishes or new ways wt old ones, or even just “grazing”. The night time dramas hv been the worst, brings us back to the old days haha, but then I cld “boob” ’em and it wld knock ’em out. Ahh… but for those days….lol

anyways, we’ve had them (mostly Jamie) in our bed, esp. if its like the wee hours of the am and that just not our cup of tea, uncomfortable nights and u dont get restful sleep which means u arent refreshed the next day and it wears u down. So anyway, we had a chaotic week when M&D were here etc and after which, things started to settle down again, thankfully. So far TWO nights of Jamie gng to bed on his own wt minimal fuss and no “intervention” at night (he settles himself down after a nightmare or something) so last night was BLISS in terms of sleep!!!!! woke up feeling SOOO much more refreshed. They only woke up abt 730am and we had a nice cuddle and read and a run arnd bfr heading downstairs for breakfast! We went back to the 2 nap a day routine, and I think they’ve finally caught up on their sleepies. Hi5 is the fav at the moment and it’s so cute to see them dancing or pointing out the “‘eart” shapes etc. Clever lil ones!!!! 😀

Hmmm, what other news…Don’s been working frantically on the Pirates thing, he’s down to the last page for pencils/inks so hopefully finish it soon! It looks good!! He also has a commissioned cartoon to finish up. I’ve got some freelance jobbies to finish up (via mymomsbest.com) which I hope to have out over next few days (the heat here is UNBEARABLE) and then I’ve got to write my part for the Story round 3 and then prepare the submissions for Platinum. Also gotta update site and add some client links etc. Gng to attend a CPR/FIRST aid for infants/kids course on Sat (next week) so that’s useful. Don will attend the next one (we couldnt hv done it together). The course is organised by St. Johns Ambulance and is a half day RM50 course. Don prob also attend the Personal Taxation workshop organised by the Star, very useful that! (Expensive as it is). Hmmm.. what else… We have a wireless network up and running now, although the internet sharing part HASNT worked yet, gotta fix that later (once don’s art out of the way), prices have dropped down tremendously!!! just gotta get that DANG streamyx sorted out, hv to get a reseller etc to come here and test line to see if can be used for streamyx. if YES, then YAYYYYY!!!!!no luck on the car front yet but still got time to check it out. Hoping to also get quotes from contractors abt the renov. we wld love to do, so at least we can plan the $$ etc out. *sigh*

The mothers group had a gathering recently, their first anniversary, we had it at the IBU place (in bangsar, http://www.ibufamily.org) and we had such fun, didnt get to mingle as much cos obviously the boys are EVERYWHERE there. they played in the sandpit, then discovered the tap! we stripped them down to their nappies and let em play to their heart’s content. Linus and William joined them and they looked so adorable. Josh did get stung by an insect (under his neck) but we pulled out sting, washed it and he seems unaffected. We are hoping to establish a “permanent/regular” playgroup (hoping for Sat am right now) at the IBU venue and I’d also like to try out some activities during the week, prob. the twins one (once or twice a month) or other ibu playgroups too. Its RM100 membership (and not PER child thankfully). The playgroup is RM50 but half price for 2nd child I think and looks like fun. Planning to check it out next week too. The boys need more activities, they still seem to prefer their midmorning nap so doing things in the afternoon instead but see how we go. LAVENDAR IS PREGNANT WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – fertile start to the year for our MMB 😀 and Jennifer has started on her WAHM role, baby steps but sure ones nontheless… This group is great 🙂

M&D were around for a whole week plus, on Valentine’s day 😀 where dad surprised mum with a bunch of roses, some cookies 🙂 The cuddly family gave gramma/grandpa a single champagne rose and a card with the boys first “scribblings” and the hand outline drawings too! Daddy also received a card drawn by Mummy (badly) and some champagne roses (5- for every year we’ve been married). We had a great time with them, albeit VERY hectic! Auntie Margie and Uncle PK (family friends from Oz) were also in town so we had a fab day eating at the Mandarin Oriental and wandering arnd KLCC. The next day, we headed out to Putrajaya and had lunch there (the food was rubbish I tell you! no changing facilities nadda…) had a quiet day the following day cos Dad had seminar and mum and I had quiet time at MK, the boys played on the Fire engine wheely thing that was once Jon’s hehee Anyway, we had some time at 1Utama etc and by the end of it, everyone also over tired and very hectic. celebrated Mum’s bday with pizza, CW’s fab strawberry cheesecake and the boys miss their grandparents too.

It’s been so hot but now it’s pouring with rain so I’d best b off. I think I’ve caught up best way I can. Will get back into the swing of things later, mebbe after the monkeys have gone back to sleep heehhehee

later days y’all!


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